Scholarship & Financial Assistance

To support students going abroad, a variety of financial support is provided. Each type of funding is subject to the requirements of each programme, students’ CGPA and has different application procedures.

Students are urged to plan ahead for their study abroad experience(s). Each student is entitled to an award offered with the largest amount of financial support provided through the University registry offices. In case of students who had previously gone abroad with financial support, they will either obtain the amount difference or reimburse the amount to the University* before they can receive the larger amount in the future.

On top of the scholarship and allowance for Short-Term Abroad Programmes, scholarships offered by partner institutions may apply to selected programmes/applicant(s). Students who are on need-based may also apply for Government Sponsorship.

For more funding details and deadlines, please refer to the Study Abroad Programmes’ website.

Types of Funding Eligible Study Abroad Programmes
1. Scholarship for Short-Term Study Abroad Programmes SAP, Winter Programmes, other specified programmes
2. Short-Term Abroad Allowance SAP, SAO, Winter Programmes, Language Programmes, other specified programmes
3. Government Sponsorship (Need-based) Most programmes except Internship and Social Learning Programmes
4. Scholarships offered by partner institutions Selected participants only

Government Subsidy(Need-based)

  • Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students
  • Subsidy on Exchange to “Belt and Road” Regions for Post-secondary Students

The government subsidy shall be provided for local students with financial needs to participate in short-term study abroad programmes in 2016-2017. Please find details of the scheme(s) and application guideline on the website