A Quick Guide to Study Abroad Programmes

Programme Eligibility 

First Year Students

First Year Students are welcome to join most of the short-term abroad programmes. However, some programmes may require advanced knowledge and that priority will be given, but not limited, to non-first year students.

Final Year Students

If you are in the final year of undergraduate study, you can still join a study abroad programme (including summer abroad programme) within the last academic year.  Likewise, financial assistance is open to final year undergraduate students.

Past Participants

If you have joined a study abroad programme in the previous academic year, you are welcome to apply again this year.

Joining Multiple Programmes

If you want to apply for more than one study abroad programme in the same academic year, please note the following:

  • After joining a winter programme, you can still apply for summer programmes.
  • You cannot join two SAP programmes since nomination from HKU is required.
  • You can apply for more than one institution or attend multiple sessions overseas, as long as it fits your schedule. For instance, you may join an SAP programme and an SAO programme or multiple sessions of an SAP programme in the summer.


Finding the Programme

Using the Table on Study Abroad Landing Page

The programmes are sorted into 9 categories. This table introduces the features of each category. If you look for a specific type of exchange experience, such as internship, research and language programmes, click into the category and you will find the list of programmes under that category.

Using the Programme List

You can find all available programmes from Programme List 2016 – 2017. Use the filter engine and sort the programmes according to ‘country,’ ‘duration’ and ‘type of programme’. Alternatively, if you have a specific host institution in mind, you can press ‘CTRL + f’ and key in the acronym of the university. For instance, if you want to go to University of Leeds, enter ‘Leeds.’


Reading Individual Programme Page

Individual programme page shows the details of the programme, such as date, courses, accommodation and programme cost. Make sure that the date of the programme suits your schedule and that you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

The individual programme page are particularly important for information such as eligibility, deadlines and programme cost, etc. Sometimes, host intuitions may relax eligibility criteria and/or waive English as Second Language requirement for HKU students; There may be different deadlines for applications and payments; Moreover, there may be discounts and scholarships offered specifically to HKU students.

You are also strongly advised to double-check on the host institution website for latest information.


Information Session 

You may register for information session (if available) and get first-hand information from representatives of host institution and past participants.


Financial Assistance

To encourage students to study abroad, there are many types of financial support available. Each type of funding is subject to the requirements of each programme, students’ CGPA and has different application procedures. Students are required to submit a report upon returning from the Study Abroad Programme.

Visit Scholarship & Financial Assistance for more details.

Funding Eligibility

If you are interested in attending a credit-bearing summer programme offered by an institution that is not on the programme list, please contact HKU Summer Institute at gosummer@hku.hk to inquire about the funding eligibility.


Application Procedure

Application procedure varies with types of programme. For SAP programmes, you are required to apply through HKU and receive offer of nomination before applying to the host institution. For some programmes, you are required to register with HKU and then apply to the host institution directly. Some programmes may require interview. However, all programmes are on first come first served basis and is it highly recommended that you apply as early as possible for a better chance to get into the programme you liked.

Application procedure of specific programme type is available on their landing pages. You may also find the link from the individual programme page. Please check for detailed instructions and supporting documents required.

Credit Transfer

Students should consult with home faculty for credit transfer arrangement.


After Applying

Insurance Coverage of Full-Time Undergraduate Students

Please refer to the document. Please also note that final year students may not be covered by the policy after your student status at HKU expires during summer.

HKU Global Assistance Programme

The HKU Global Assistance Programme is useful if you are planning some outside Hong Kong learning activities and student programmes. HKU has partnered with International SOS to provide worldwide medical and security support for HKU students and staff participating in exchange, overseas internships, service learning, competitions, academic activities etc.

You may find this Global Assistance Programme useful at 3 distinct stages of your trips, i.e. Pre-departure (prepare), Travel/Assignment (local expertise and advice), and (in case of) Emergency (assist and support).

  • Accessing the information you need to play your travel
  • Getting support and advice from specialists
  • To monitor travel risks whilst abroad
  • Getting help in emergencies
  • Getting assistance with inconveniences like travel disruptions
  • When you need reassurance
  • And more!

A unique International SOS membership ID is assigned to all HKU users. To facilitate verification by the University upon emergency support request is made, it is important for HKU students and staff to register with the University before the trip. To retrieve the ID and download the HKU User Manual, please visit here (HKU portal login required).