Why should you go abroad?

You are welcome join a Study Abroad programme to broaden your academic and social horizons whilst enriching your student experience. Many students find it a life-changing experience with new friendships, unique travel experiences, and also inspiration on their life goals.  Enjoy your overseas experience here!

Summer Abroad Partnerships (SAP) Summer Abroad Opportunities (SAO) Winter Programmes
Enrol in the summer session/programme at a numbers of top tier universities around the world, with substantial amount of partner discounts and scholarships Wide range of summer programmes offered by HKU’s partner institutions worldwide A great variety of winter programmes at HKU’s partner institutions from around the globe
Language Programmes
Special Programmes Internship
Language summer programmes recognised by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC) Specially designed summer study abroad programmes for HKU students Internship opportunities in Mainland China and overseas
Summer at HKU Other Programmes
Intensive overseas research experience in a variety of disciplines The rigorous and stimulating academic experience at HKU