The Second World War in Asia and the Pacific, 1931-1953

Course Code: HIST2107

Faculty of: Arts

Target Students: HKU Undergraduates, Non HKU Undergraduates

Area of Interest: Globalisation & Regional Studies

Credits: 6

Course Period: June 26, 2017 to July 14, 2017

Course Schedule: Monday to Friday (10:00-13:00)

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Programme Overview:

Few events in the modern history of Asia and the Pacific have been as important or as transformative as the Second World War.

This course will examine significant military and geopolitical issues of that era from the grand strategic level down to operations and tactics, with a field day component of battle sites at Wong Nei Chong Gap and Stanley being an essential element.  But it also explores the far-reaching effects that the Second World War had on the state and society in a number of countries including China and America.  It will examine how the conflict changed war from an engagement defined generally as a struggle between military forces to one that became a ‘total experience’ involving the mobilization of virtually all segments of society.

This course will also trace the interconnectedness of war’s transformation with the development of technology, concepts of morality, ‘just war,’ and perceptions concerning the relationship between state and society.  Students will better understand how and why the war, and the barbarism that defined it, still influence relations today on many levels across Asia and the Pacific.

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