Teenage OrthoPod Scheme

Course Code: TOPS 2017

Level-of-study: Secondary 4-5 students (or equivalent) in academic year 2016-2017

Course Period: July 17, 2017 to July 28, 2017

Programme Fee: HKD 5,600

Deadline for Application:

  • Non-local Applicants:  March 31, 2017
  • Local Applicants:          May 31, 2017


Type of Programme: Non-credit-bearing course

Area of Interest:  Medicine

Managed by:  HKU Summer Institute


  • Students:       Local; Non-local
  • Age:                 16 or above
  • Study Level:  Secondary 4-5 students (or equivalent) in academic year 2016-2017

Admission requirements:

A letter of recommendation from the school principal is required.

The course is highly competitive. A personal statement between 350-1000 words is required. In your statement, you can include below points:

  • Why you would like to join Teenage OrthoPod Scheme (TOPS)
  • What distinguishes you from other applicants;
  • What you would expect to gain / achieve from TOPS; or
  • Any points that can show your interest and suitability for joining TOPS.

(You may include a few photos if you want)

* Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend a selection interview scheduled for early June, 2017 in HKU Campus.


The course consists of job shadowing in the summer and mentoring throughout the year.  Participants will be able to ‘shadow’ the doctors for clinical and research work (e.g. out-patient clinic, live demonstration of orthopaedic-related surgeries, clinical research etc.) for two weeks in the university teaching hospitals, followed by other learning activities such as orthopaedic workshops, attending annual meetings of the field, and student presentation seminar etc. The assigned doctors will act as mentors throughout the course and be happy to share their experience.

  1. Observe live demonstrations of orthopaedic surgery procedures.
  2. Attend orthopaedic workshops and handle plasters, sawbones and other orthopaedic implements.
  3. Observe animal surgeries, testing cutting-edge technology that has real-life application to orthopaedic surgery.
  4. Shadow mentors, from whom they can learn about the routines of orthopaedic doctors.
  5. Observe the application of the scientific method to academic studies and witness various stages of research projects.
  6. Attend annual meetings of the field and learn about the newest technological advancements, as well as meeting orthopaedic leaders and innovators.
  7. Receive mentorship from the assigned doctors and prepare for their university life.

For accommodation arrangement, please visit http://www.aal.hku.hk/summerinstitute/for-high-school-studentscourses-hs/hs-accommodation/.