Social Stars Shine Summer 2017

Course Code: CTK1701 & CTP1702

Level-of-study: Kindergarten & Junior Primary School

Course Period: July 17, 2017 to August 18, 2017

Programme Fee: HKD 2,750

Deadline for Application: June 18, 2017

Course Period: 17 Jul – 18 Aug 2017 (any 5 days)

Type of Programme:  Non-credit-bearing course

Area of Interest: Play Competence and Social Skills

Managed by: CAISE, Faculty of Education


  • Students:       Local
  • Study Level:  Kindergarten K2 – K3; Primary 1 – Primary 2


1. Enhance talented children’s social skills development;
2. Build up their leadership in group settings and develop them as autonomous learner through designing and playing games;
3. Be guided to appreciate individual differences and human diversity when playing face-to-face interactive games with peers;
4. Improve their play competencies and social skills;
5. Reinforce their strengths and boost up their confidence in groups; and
6. Identify their weaknesses in group interactions for further remedial actions.

Course Outline:

“Social Stars SHINE” is a social emotional learning programme that utilises the interactive nature of group-games, structured with specific learning targets covering communication, interpersonal interactions, cooperation and team building skills.

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