Linear Algebra I (6 credits)

Course Code: HS-MATH2101_2017

Level-of-study: Age: 16 or above

Course Period: July 3, 2017 to July 14, 2017

Programme Fee: HKD 4,260 and HKD 350 application fee

Deadline for Application:

  • Non-local Applicants:  March 15, 2017
  • Local Applicants:          May 31, 2017


Type of Programme: Credit-bearing course

Area of Interest: Mathematics

Managed by: Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science


  • Students:       Local; Non-local
  • Age:                 16 or above

Admission requirements: 

Pass the screening test. Remote screening test for non-local applicants would be held in March, 2017. The screening test for local applicants will be held on June 10, 2017 (Saturday).

Class Day:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Course Description 

Linear algebra has wide applications to diverse areas in natural science, engineering, management and social science. Instructed by university teachers, this course will provide students with the basic concept of linear structure through many concrete examples in the Euclidean spaces.

Course Outline 

It will cover basic theory of linear algebra in the following areas:

  1. Linear Equations and Matrices
  2. Vector Geometry
  3. Vector Spaces and Linear Transformations

Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)
CLO 1 handle matrix operations and use them in some practical problems
CLO 2 solve systems of linear equations by Gauss-Jordan elimination and also compute inverses of square matrices
CLO 3 understand the concept of vector spaces, basis, dimension, and linear transformations and compute the matrix representations of some linear transformations
CLO 4 solve some simple eigenvalue problems and apply the theory to some practical problems
CLO 5 solve some minimization problems by the least squares method

Study Load

36 contact hours + 120 learning hours


Assignments (10%), two midterm tests (40%) and one 2.5 hour written examination (50%)

No supplementary examination will be offered.

#Important Note: You are required to settle the application fee of HK$350 (non-refundable) when applying for admission to this credit-bearing summer course. 

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