Explore Planet Earth, Its Hazards, Resources and Environmental Change

Course Code: Earth Sci 2017

Level-of-study: Secondary 3 or above (or equivalent)

Course Period: July 17, 2017 to July 21, 2017

Programme Fee: HKD 3,600

Deadline for Application:

  • Non-local Applicants:  March 15, 2017
  • Local Applicants:          May 31, 2017


Type of Programme: Non-credit-bearing course

Area of Interest: Earth Science, Science

Managed by: Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science


  • Students:       Local; Non-local
  • Study Level:  Secondary 3 or above (or equivalent)


In order to apply for a VISA, for those Age under 18 non-local students, they should seek for their own local HK citizen guidance to fulfill the requirement of Hong Kong Immigration Department


The objective of this course is to provide a general understanding of our planet Earth and environmental issues. Through comprehensive lectures, hands-on exercises, outdoor field trips and visits to university and government facilities, students will acquire knowledge about Earth System Sciences from various scientific perspectives. Students will come across basic concepts on Earth and environmental related disciplines and gain experience on scientific interpretation, which enable them to widen their horizon on their future learning development.

Course Outlines:

It will cover basic theory and practical experience in the following topics:

  1. Identification of common rocks and minerals
  2. Plate tectonics and Earth Dynamics
  3. Climate change and geological hazards (such as earthquakes, tsunami, and volcanoes)
  4. Natural resources and societies


The course will be divided into two assessment

  1. In-class exercise and Project Presentation
  2. Active Participation

A certification of completion will be issued to students upon completion of the course.