Creative Arts through Masterpiece Appreciation, Moving Images for Young Visual Thinkers, Storybook Production Workshop: Your own pop-up storybook

Course Code: CTP1703, CTP1704, CTS1727

Level-of-study: Kindergarten, Junior Primary School and Secondary School

Course Period: August 11, 2017 to August 21, 2017

Programme Fee: CTP1703 - HKD960; CTP1704 - HKD2,200; CTS1727 - HKD1,200 (10% off for registration made on or before 10 April 2017)

Deadline for Application: April 30, 2017

Course Period: CTP1703 – 21 Aug 2017; CTP1704 – 11-12 Aug 2017; CTS1727 – 19 Aug 2017

Type of Programme:  Non-credit-bearing course

Area of Interest: Creative Arts

Managed by: CAISE, Faculty of Education


  • Students:       Local
  • Study Level:  Kindergarten K2 – Primary 1; Kindergarten K3 – Primary 3; Secondary 1 – Secondary 6


CTP1703: Differentiate various philosophies and methods and used in the masterpieces through art viewing activities; Demonstrate the style of the masterpiece artists introduced and create new elements to express the uniqueness of their artworks through art-making practices; Appreciate the aesthetics and creativity in the masterpieces by using visual arts languages​.

CTP1704: Demonstrate the skills in shooting and editing to express their voices; Synthesize their thoughts and viewpoints as symbols into moving images; and appreciate the aesthetics and creativity in the videos by using film language.

CTS1727: Demonstrate the principles of storytelling through their storybooks; Create a storybook inspired by the illustration styles introduced in the workshop; Produce a storybook with pop-up effects which fit into the storyline.

Course Outline:

CTP1703: “Creative Arts Through Masterpiece Appreciation” is a studio art-based workshop for children to have first-hand experiences to explore the methods and styles of the classical masterpiece artists. Through masterpiece appreciation, children’s artistic creativity will be enhanced by expressing their ideas or thoughts out of the boundary.

CTP1704: Nowadays, children can take videos, upload them onto the web and share to the social networking platforms with ease. Video arts become a very good way for them to interweave all their abilities and skills together in an art project non-verbally. All in all, it is essential that a product be produced and that the product or performance be presented to an appropriate audience, either students in the class or outside groups (Renzulli & Reis, 1994; 1997).

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