Short-term Abroad Partnerships (SAP)

Programmes under Short-term Abroad Partnerships, either for winter or summer, require students to apply via the IAO application system for nomination to the host institution. Some programmes have a quota limit and may require nominations and/or interviews.


SAP Application Procedure

Short-term Abroad Partnership (SAP) Financial Assistance



Short-term Abroad Opportunities (SAO)

HKU’s partner institutions worldwide offer a wide range of short-term programmes. Students can directly apply for SAO programmes with the host institution through registration with IAO, which is open until June. Applicants should submit their applications BEFORE departure, with the official admission issued by the SAO programme. The registration also functions as the application for the Short-Term Abroad Allowance.


SAO Application Procedure

Short-term Abroad Opportunities (SAO) Financial Assistance



Winter Programmes

A variety of winter programmes are offered by HKU’s partner institutions. 


Winter Programmes at Partner Institutions


To apply for a winter programme offered by a partner institution, students can complete the registration with the University and apply directly to the host institution. Registration at the University is required before departure to the programme through the official admission process of the Winter Programmes. The registration will enable the University to provide assistance in liaising with partner institutions.


Special Winter Programmes for HKU Students

Students are cordially invited to join one of the winter programmes offered exclusively at HKU! Participation in one of these programmes is only through the University.



To join one of these programmes, please click the link above for detailed instructions on the application and financial procedures.



Languages Programmes

Language summer programmes for 2017 are recognised by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC).


Students can apply for language programmes with the host institution directly with a registration with IAO which is opened till June. Applicants should submit the application before departure to the programme with the official admission issued by the host institution. The registration also functions as the application for Short-Term Abroad Allowance.



Important Note

The first teaching day of the second semester will be January 16, 2017. Some programmes’ periods may go beyond your winter break. You are strongly advised to carefully review the programme details to avoid going abroad during the semester. Please be reminded that any consequences resulting from your absence from class will be your sole responsibility.