Stephanie Chan
Stephanie Chan
Hong Kong S.A.R., ChinaHK
Bachelor of Journalism
From Canada to Hong Kong

I’m born in Canada but I’ve lived in Hong Kong for as long as I could remember – though this question might not apply to me much, I actually have a particular love for the culture in Hong Kong. Western culture does seem to embrace freedom a bit more, but there is always this subtlety about Hong Kong culture (or Chinese culture in the broader sense) which I admire – the way people treasure family and the virtues which Chinese people gracefully possess when it comes to valuing relationships and caring for people.

Life in Hong Kong is, to me, quite vibrant yet solitary at the same time. The events and festivals around here are diverse – for instance the Korean culture festival which I came to know recently seems a lot of fun, and I always find quite some art and culture events happening around especially in recent years (like those held at PMQ, Central). But sometimes it feels solitary as a well – the place where I live gets quiet most of the time, unlike places like Mong Kok or Central, but solitary life suits me too I think!(it gets me calm in the head and I do cherish a bit of me-time during nights and weekends!)

Life at HKU has been quite exciting – apart from getting involved in designing original hand-made props for Drama Society, doing publication design work at Humble Mission, and helping out as a volunteer at SESAME (Southeast Asians Supportive, Assimilating and Merging Education), I was really grateful to be able to help out as an in-house volunteer reporter at Junior Achievement Hong Kong for their entrepreneurial JA Company Program and working with Penana Limited. Penana is an Internet startup founded by UC Berkeley and HKU alumni which created, a social publication platform embracing solo and co-creation of stories, fiction, and screenplays for writers and readers worldwide.

I really enjoyed my stay at Penana...the two months I had working with Penana’s four founders have been one of the happiest moments in my life. We seem to understand each other well enough to be able to work together as a close-knit group, relying on each other and bringing the best of the group synergy which we so proudly possess…this is something which I feel really happy about! Somehow we are able to connect with each other in a special way – there is something about each of us which make the five of us complete.

Though my internship period has ended, we have become close friends which I’m really grateful for, and I’m happy that I’m still able to continue helping them with various art projects and contests. Penana has received me so kindly during my stay…they went to great lengths caring for me and making me feel like home. I will never be able to forget everyone there and the times we spent together.