Meet HKU Professors & Student Ambassadors in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Taiwan and South Korea!

  • Public HKU Admissions Talks will be organized in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Taiwan and South Korea. Grab this opportunities to raise your questions in mind and get direct response from our recruitment counsellor.
  • Thematic Talks and Faculty Admissions Talks will be conducted by our highly respected professors to give you a taste of what a HKU's lecture is like, and to broaden your horizon through our sharings of knowledge and insights by our professors.
  • If you have already submitted your application to HKU, you may be invited to the Admissions Interviews which allows our professors and admission tutors getting to learn more about your interests, strengths and abilities. These are valuable factors for our evaluation of your application. Invitations to attend the interviews will be made on a selective basis to shortlisted candidates.

This year, we will be coming to the following cities.  Please click your city to check details and register to the event !

- Last update: Dec.21 ,2016
- Event details are subject to change without prior notice. Please keep checking our website for the latest updates.