Jess Wong
Jess Wong
Hong Kong S.A.R., ChinaHK
Bachelor of Science
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HKU has made me blossomed as a researcher. When I entered HKU, all I wanted was to study something that I would found interesting, that was physics and astronomy. I thought research would be completely out of my reach, a dream years away. Very luckily, when I advanced to year 2, an associate professor in astronomy, Dr. Jeremy Lim, acknowledged my effort in his course and offered to hire me as a part-time research assistant over the winter break. This was the beginning of my career in academic research.

My first project is to build a mass model of a galaxy cluster, including undetectable dark matter, by gravitational lensing, which is an observational effect caused by bending of light rays in presence of strong gravity. Although the method was already established, I was the one who work the whole thing through. It was a very rewarding. Early this year, an oversea collaborator collected some data from me and published a paper, putting me as the second author. Currently, a MPhil student is making improvement on top of my model and preparing to publish another paper.

Wrapping up with this project, I took a leap and switched to work on particle physics last summer. Through the Overseas Research Fellowship, I went the CERN, where the world’d largest particle accelerator is. During my time there, I learnt to simulate proton-proton collisions which will be used in a search for heavy Higgs boson, a.k.a god particle. I was overwhelmed by the amount of communication that research actually requires.

I am grateful for all these opportunities provided to me without which I will not be so determined to devote to academic research.

Thinking about studying Science with HKU? Come to meet HKU Professors in Jakarta!