Fernaldy Soegianto
Fernaldy Soegianto
Bachelor of Engineering

Exactly two years ago, like anyone who is reading this post probably, it’s that confusing period where I have to think about which university I want to go to. After tons of research and recommendation from my brother, who is an alumni of HKU, The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Engineering made it to the top of my list. Many would ask me, why Hong Kong, why HKU? Here's why…

Why Engineering?

Cities in Indonesia especially Jakarta is developing its infrastructure rapidly to overcome its traffic jam, flooding problem, and definitely, improve the people's wellbeing. Due to its rapid growth, there is a high prospect and demand for engineers in Indonesia to help them achieve their goals. It is interesting how the advancement of technology has changed the market. They do not only need people who can analyze a problem (since this can be done by technology already), they need more and more professional engineers to address the bigger picture of the city's development.

Why HKU Engineering?

I chose HKU Engineering because it offers an internationally-recognized, excellent engineering program complete with interactive and stimulating projects that equips student with a first-hand experience in problem solving and prepare us to be a well-develop professional engineers complete with the necessary skills to fulfill those demands.

Since I have a passion in both business management and engineering, industrial engineering will be a perfect major which caters both of my interests. On top of that, the career path and opportunity for Industrial engineer is very broad. You can choose to work in many different sectors such as manufacturing factory, logistics company, banks or even the entertainment service sector since engineering to its core is simply getting things done systematically. I think it is really important for us to really know our passion/interest and choose the right major.

Why HK & HKU

Hong Kong is a spectacular place where you can experience the perfect blend of both the eastern and the western culture. With the development of the Chinese economy, there are a lot of amazing career opportunities at the palm of your hand.  Hong Kong is also rated as one of the world’s safest city so that you and your family could rest assure regarding safety issues and just focus in your studies and have great time while you are here.In addition, who’s not up for some breathtaking mixed landscape/metropolitan views together with its culinary experience!

The University of Hong Kong without a doubt is one of the top universities in Asia. With its globalized and international nature, I am able to meet and work with many people from different countries and backgrounds while learning the local Hong Kong culture at the same time. International exposure really does open my eyes more towards the globalization era and raise my awareness towards many different cultures and perspectives which help me to think more critically.

Other than the academic values, HKU provides a range of facilities to develop your talent and interest. The sporting facilities are complete and there is a variety of interest clubs that you can join throughout your study. HKU also provides a platform for me and the other Indonesians to showcase our unique culture to people from around the globe in the Indonesian Cultural Night, which turns out to be one of the most memorable experiences for all of us.Moreover, installed with its own MTR station, HKU is the most strategic university in Hong Kong where you can go explore Hong Kong conveniently!